CSI Coffeecrew - Chapter 4

49mm top burr sAs you may recall from Chapter 3, my grinder was being held for ransom by Innova's Canadian distributor. They were bending to Innova(Spain) orders to give me a replacement grinder, however they were refusing to ship it to me. If I wanted a new grinder, I would have to come and get it.

Morala Trading and I were at an impasse once again.

Innova Spain did a good job as mediator. Again, they applied  pressure to Morala and Morala finally acquiesced. They would ship my replacement grinder after all. And as requested, double boxed!

Almost two weeks pass. The grinder that I was promised never arrived.

I asked Innova (Spain) once again to intercede on my behalf and follow up on Morala's promise to send me a grinder.

Two days later my grinder finally arrives.

I was supposed to get a new grinder in a unopened box. What I got was an opened box with coffee beans and grounds strewn everywhere. There was no note anywhere. So what do I have? A new grinder that has been pre-tested by someone? A secondhand? A return? A refurbished unit? Demo unit? A later inquiry reveals that someone tested the machine by grinding some coffee beans. I guess this means pre-testing the grinder.

Reaching down into the throat of the grinder and pressing and pulling gently on the top burr resulted in the familiar up and down, back and forth burr slop clunking once again.

Too bad. Very disappointing.

My last communication with Innova Spain brought even more disappointing news. Innova has changed their mind. They are not going to send me a pre-tested, calibrated unit from their factory after all.

[Hopefully, this is the last CSI - Coffeecrew Special Investigation installment of this sorry Innova I-1
grinder saga. The final and last review of the Innova I-1 grinder will follow shortly]

Glenn could be the most patient man in the universe of coffee consumers. He writes for the CoffeeCrew website and lives in Ontario, Canada. If Glenn says something is bad, it is probably worse than bad, maybe even awful.

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