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file Rancilio Silvia something wrong?

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10 years 1 week ago #4628 by BFFSilvia
Rancilio Silvia something wrong? was created by BFFSilvia
Hi There - I Have a Silvia, bought new about 4-5 years ago. It's a great machine, but lately it's giving me grief. A year ago, it got a complete overhaul (new Boiler, thermostats, gaskets, etc.) necessitated by some misuse by my husband (yes, we're still married ;-). And last month it stopped steaming & the case because too hot to touch -- so I brought it in again & thermostats were replaced, and all worked again. EXCEPT... every time I go to get hot water from the wand (to steam, or heat up my cup) Silvia spews a bunch of reddish particles in the water. Same thing seems to be happening from the brew spout, where I thought it was just old coffee grounds but these too seem to have a more reddish tint to them.

The technician who did the work said to let it settle for a day or so, that it was likely just rust - or flush it out. I've done both. And even though I flush it out, the next day the same thing happens all over again. Any thoughts on what it could be, or what I should be asking the certified repair shop I bring it to? This problem has put a crimp in my new year! Here's a pic so you can see (I hope the attached works). Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!
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10 years 1 week ago #4629 by colin
Replied by colin on topic Re: Rancilio Silvia something wrong?
4-5 years and an overhaul is very unusual.

What did your husband do, crash it into a tree after a night
of double espresso's and joy riding?

Nothing rusty should come out of the boiler.
The boiler is marine brass.
It does not rust.

Do tell: What did your sig other do to Silvia to render her so bent and
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10 years 1 week ago #4630 by BFFSilvia
Replied by BFFSilvia on topic Re: Rancilio Silvia something wrong?
Hi Colin - Thanks for the response. My hubby had left the machine on with the water completely drained, for a sig. amount of time, and probably repeatedly.

And the questionably rust particles (or something else?), I was told, could be the element degrading. But isn't the heating element part of the boiler, (which should be new)? My knowledge of Silvia begins & ends with simply making espresso - not with any of the technical stuff of the machinery.

I am going to bring Silvia back to the service folks, for a thorough flushing (their dime), but I don't know how to gauge what they tell me...
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