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file Gaggia shower head removal tip.

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9 years 9 months ago #4657 by colin
Gaggia shower head removal tip. was created by colin
This in from Nigel Young who has been struggling to get his shower plate and brew head block off to address the scale issue in his Gaggia Classic...

> Found another tip to remove shower plate holder. Use a bolt same
> thread as shower plate screw, insert and tighten gently till contact
> with internal group head plate then gently frees away. This must be
> the service shop method rather than descaling multiple times. Once out
> scrape away lime scale gently with a penknife, wire brush, dremel disc
> to recover to smooth surface (take care not to damage outer fine
> raised edge) reassemble, flush and job done in under 30 minutes.

Good tip Nigel! The brew block can be a pest to remove if it has been on for
a while -- and there is no need to remove the GASKET if you do not have to --
and definitely no need to do so here.

Be gentle with the method above not to mar the threads of the shower plate!

Good luck folks!
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