Buon Amici's revisited

Buon Amici's Cafe - Drop-in

buon amici's cafeVictoria is a great place for the coffee enthusiast. There are numerous small caffes and roasteries that succeed in bringing top quality coffee to the customer. This summer we lost our Torrefazione but some new cafes have come into play to fill the void.

Enter Buon Amici's Cafe. Good food and good coffee - could you ask for anything more?
Buon Amici delivers. I have had one drop in visit for lunch and was pleasantly surprised. I had a fresh sandwich on foccacia served hot.

Coffee shop food isn't normally this good - a very pleasant surprise.

The Coffee. I had three coffees: an espresso, a macchiato and a latte. All of the drinks were prepared by the owner Derek.

The espresso was big and bold without being overbearing or creamy. There was plenty of crema and lots of flavour. The macciato was possibly the finest I have had on the island. It was made mini-latte style, although I am not fond of this it tasted marvelous. This was the first of such drinks that I have had that was sweet enough to drink without any additives. The latte also shared this quality.

That is my personal prerequisite for a good latte and this one hit the mark. The natural sugars in the milk complimented the coffee ever so nicely.

There are other great coffee shops in the world and in Victoria. So, what sets Buon Amici apart? The traditional way to prepare a drink is behind the bar. Sometimes it is hard to see and other times it is on display.

Have you ever been to a cafe and been talking to someone but you keep track of the action in your head; the length of the pour, the sound of the steaming, the whir of the grinder, the knocking of the tamper. These are the little things that are necessary to making
good coffee and we all monitor when first stake out a new coffee shop.

Ok, I will stop stalling. At Buon Amici the coffee is prepared behind the bar but the milk is poured at your table. It is a nice touch, especially in the age of latte art. Oh yes, they pour latte art at
your table. If you have friends who are new to coffee this is a great hook.

For a first visit, this was an impressive showing. Drop by and tell them that the coffeecrew sent you! Buon Amici's is at Unit 110-645 Tyee Road, Victoria, B.C. Canada

Adam Tindale is a Victoria resident and Phd candidate at the University of Victoria. He loves coffee and cafe culture... and here at the Coffeecrew, we are pretty sure it loves him back!